Veterinary Science STEM Kit for Kids

Veterinary Science STEM Kit for Kids

Epic Lab Complete STEM Kit Bundle Pendulum Painter, Ocean Discovery, and Solar Robotics

  • Includes complete STEM kits for Pendulum Painter, Ocean Discovery, and Solar Robotics
  • Includes instructions, experiment guides, and log sheets to record results and discoveries
  • Learn about potential and kinetic energy, gravity, magnetism, density, salinity, erosion, robotics, engineering, and more
  • Epic Lab promotes education through engaging activities and hands-on learning
  • For teens and children 8+ years old
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Help your child embrace their inner scientist with the ArtSkills Epic Lab Complete STEM Kit Bundle. This bundle includes the Pendulum Painter, Ocean Discovery, and Solar Robotics STEM kits. Each kit includes all necessary materials to assemble, paint, and experiment. When the experiments are complete, it's easy to keep playing and learning! Children can come up with their own experiments, compete with siblings and friends, or just play with their creations!

Pendulum Painter

With the ArtSkills Epic Lab Pendulum Painter STEM Physics and Motion Kit, kids will learn to assemble and test their own working model pendulum. Kids can build a wooden pendulum base and use different bobs to test the effect of different weights, magnets, and conditions. Pull back the pendulum to knock down targets and test your accuracy. Science and art come together in these engaging science experiments, which include demonstrating potential and kinetic energy, gravitational pull, and magnetic forces! This science kit will also teach kids about Lissajous curves, which can be created by the spirals of a pendulum's swing.

Ocean Discovery

With the ArtSkills Epic Lab Ocean Discovery STEM Erosion, Currents, & Density Kit, kids will learn about the unique properties of water and how it relates to the ocean itself. Children can follow guided experiments to build a model erosion simulator and learn about density, salinity, and erosion. Using real sand, water, and a plastic card to create waves, this activity explores the effect of different environmental factors on the shore. Children can investigate the effect of water temperature on convection currents using plastic bottles and food coloring, or explore the concept of density using color-coded salt water. Create and test 4 different erosion scenarios: Coastal, Valley, Seawall, and Mangrove.

Solar Robotics

With the ArtSkills Epic Lab 5-in-1 Solar Energy Robotics and Simple Machines STEM Kit, kids will be able to build and play with solar robots. Using a real solar panel, gear box, and interchangeable robot parts, children can construct 5 unique solar robots. Each uses energy from the sun to move in its own way. The Walker and Rover can move across solid surfaces using feet or wheels. The Windmill and Airplane spin and rotate. The Airboat sails across water. Children can follow the guided experiments to create these fun machines while learning about robotics, solar energy, and engineering. After they finish playing with one, they can deconstruct the robot and build another design.

Learn & Play

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Activity kits incorporating these fields are great for young, curious minds. Kids will learn to experiment, use logic, solve problems, think creatively, test their knowledge, and complete hands-on projects. Epic Lab prides itself on its engaging STEM kits that instill a passion for discovery and facilitate hands-on learning in skills that children can use in their education and future!

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