DIY Epoxy Resin Creations Kit with Molds

DIY Epoxy Resin Creations Kit with Molds

Tiny Tats Temporary Tattoos for Kids

Tiny Tats Temporary Tattoos for Kids

5 Minute Masterpiece - Tape Art

  • Create beautiful 5-minute masterpieces using this art set
  • Layer paint and washi tape to create stunning visual effects
  • This set comes with 5 blank canvases, allowing you to create multiple masterpieces
  • This set comes with 8 different vibrant colors of acrylic paint
  • Master this easy technique in minutes with the included instructions
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Create stunning designs by layering paint and tape with this ArtSkills Washi Tape and Acrylic Art Paint and Reveal Kit. Using an assortment of acrylic paints and tape, you can create awesome geometric designs and visual effects. With canvas panels, paintbrushes, glitter, and more, this complete set has everything you need to get started creating in minutes.

Paint a 5-Minute Geometric Canvas Masterpiece

ArtSkills 5-Minute Masterpieces allow people of all ages to create incredible art in minutes. No prior experience is required to get started. Each kit includes 5 Canvas Panels in different sizes, instructions, tips, tricks, and all of the supplies needed. Spend an afternoon or evening relieving stress by yourself, or spend time with friends or family at an art party. Learn new painting techniques and skills.

Learn to Create Tape Resist Art

This Tape Resist Art Kit teaches you how to layer washi tape and paint to create colorful geometric effects. Layout your tape design, fill in and layer with different acrylic paint colors, and peel away to show off the stripes. Use shining gold and silver paints, glitter flakes, and metallic washi tape to add dimension and sparkle to your Tape Art. The canvas panels make a perfect background for your artwork, and with 5 per kit, you'll be able to create multiple masterpieces.

Whats Included?

8 Acrylic Paints
5 Canvas Panel Boards
2 Rolls of Washi Tape
2 Rolls of Metallic Washi Tape
2 Paint Brushes (Bristle and Foam)
2 Tubes of Glitter
Instruction Sheet

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