Paint Pouring Kit with Canvas Panels, Tools & Glitter

Paint Pouring Kit with Canvas Panels, Tools & Glitter

Leather Craft Kit

Leather Craft Kit

Make & Mold Scented Clay Creatures

  • 5 Pounds of Air Dry Clay for Tons of Creations
  • Create fun and silly characters
  • Clay cutters help you create shapes
  • Clay tools helps you smooth and shape your character
  • Bring your creations to life with 8 vibrant acrylic paints
  • Infuse your characters with one of the three scent droppers
  • Instructions help you get started creating your creatures
  • Air Dry Clay is separated into 1 lb packs to keep it fresh longer
  • No baking needed!
  • Great creative play for playdates, summer camp, group activities, and more
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ArtSkills Clay Creations lets you create a ton of fun characters! With 5 pounds of air dry clay, you can create a whole army. Air dry clay is a gray color for easy painting. Clay is separated into 5 packs to help it last longer. Air dry clay is easy to shape, and the included clay cutters help you build pieces for your creatures. Vibrant acrylic paints will bring your creations to life.8 Acrylic paint pots let you easily add color to your project, or mix into new colors.

Create Tons of Characters

This clay set includes 5 pounds of air dry clay and clay sculpting tools for you to create fun creatures and characters. Clay cutters let you create uniform shapes like cookie cutters, so you can use them as a base or to add to your clay project as decoration.

Cute Creatures, Sweet Smell

This clay activity kit includes 3 bottles of sweet scents for you to make your creations smell great! Just add a few drops of your favorite scent while molding and sculpting your clay to create sweet creatures.

Whats Included

5 Pounds of Air Dry Clay
6 Shape Clay Cutters
8 Acrylic Paint Pots
3 Scent Droppers
1 Flat Paint Brush
3 Clay Sculpting Tools
Project Booklet and Instructions

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