Epic Lab You Can Dig Archaeology Kit

Epic Lab You Can Dig Archaeology Kit

Epic Lab You Can Dig Dinosaur Fossils

  • Dig, discover, build, and paint 10 dinosaur fossils and 2 different model dinosaurs
  • This excavation kit comes with 2 treasure blocks, 2 dinosaur skeletons, 10 unique fossils, 3 digging tools, glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint, and a playmat
  • Use the tools of a paleontologist: mallet, chisel, and brush
  • Protect work surfaces and contain mess with the included playmat
  • Epic Lab promotes education through engaging activities and hands-on learning
  • For teens and children 8+ years old
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Help your child embrace their inner Paleontologist with this all-in-one excavation kit. Excavate 10 dinosaur fossils and 20 replica dinosaur pieces that are waiting to be discovered inside two extra-large treasure blocks. This comes with a complete excavation kit including a mallet, chisel, and brush. It also comes with glow-in-the dark paint and a playmat to contain and minimize any mess.

How to Play

Dig, discover, build, and paint these 10 dinosaur fossils and 2 different model dinosaurs. Use the mallet and chisel to chip away at large chunks surrounding each fossil and use the brush to clean them. Assemble your “skeletons” and paint two different model dinosaurs with included glow-in-the-dark paint.

Play & Learn

Dig, discover, and reveal dinosaur bones just like a real paleontologist. Epic Lab prides itself on its engaging STEM kits that instill a passion for discovery and facilitate hands-on learning in skills that can be used in their education and future! This kit includes educational information for reading/writing, visual, and bodily-kinesthetic learners.

What's Included

2 Extra Large Shaped Dig Bricks
10pc. Dinosaur Fossils
20pc. Dinosaur Replica Bones
1 Wooden Mallet
1 Wooden Chisel
1 Brush Tool
4 Paint Pots
1 Paint Brush
1 Play Mat
1 Fact Card

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