Epic Lab You Can Dig Dinosaur Fossils

Epic Lab You Can Dig Dinosaur Fossils

Build and Bash Board Game

Build and Bash Board Game

Epic Lab You Can Dig Archaeology Kit

  • Dig for your own buried treasure and relics! Uncover the secrets of the cryptogram as you uncover more treasures.
  • This excavation kit comes with 2 treasure blocks containing 20 treasures, 3 digging tools, a treasure map, a cryptogram, and a playmat
  • Use the tools of a paleontologist or Archeologist: mallet, chisel, and brush
  • Protect work surfaces and contain mess with the included playmat
  • Epic Lab promotes education through engaging activities and hands-on learning
  • For teens and children 8+ years old
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Uncover buried treasure with this ArtSkills Epic Lab You Can Dig Archaeology Kit! This kit is great for young scientists and archaeologists as it teaches them about archaeology while they hunt to uncover buried treasure and relics. Learn interesting facts about each treasure and find clues to solve the cryptogram. Use the mallet, chisel, and brush to uncover treasures like a real archaeologist!

Complete Kit

This kit is perfect for young scientists and future Archeologists. Each digging kit includes 20 ancient artifact replicas to discover and excavate with the included digging tools. Carefully chisel and brush away dust to reveal the fun hidden treasures. Aside from just having fun digging up treasure, kids will learn historical facts about each artifact, hone their fine motor skills, and gather clues to solve a cryptogram.

Hands-on Learning

STEM Kits are a fun way to encourage learning science, technology, engineering, and math skills. By getting kids interested in core subjects with STEM toys, you set them up for success through the rest of their education. Epic Lab prides itself on its engaging STEM kits that instill a passion for discovery and facilitate hands-on learning in skills that kids can use in their education and future!

Whats Included

2 Treasure Bricks containing 7 Artifacts and 13 Gemstones/Minerals
2 Wooden Digging Tools (Hammer and Chisel)
Inspection Brush
Play Magnifying Glass
Play Goggles
Clean-Up Mat
Treasure Map

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