This bundle comes with 9 small metal pails.

Metal Buckets, 9-Pack, Rustic Home Décor

This bundle includes 6 wooden framed blank DIY signs.

Wood Framed Whitewashed Plaques, 8" x 10", 6-Pack

Metal Buckets with Chalkboard Panels, 6-Pack, DIY Rustic Home Decor

  • Includes 6 metal buckets with chalkboard panels
  • Each bucket measures 6" x 7"
  • Compatible with acrylic and metal paints
  • Eye-catching, shiny galvanized finish adapts to any décor
  • Great for floral arrangements, table centerpieces, storage, indoor/outdoor home décor, DIY projects, arts and crafts, and more
  • Adds a rustic or modern farmhouse style to any room
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The ArtSkills Metal Buckets with Chalkboard Panels Bundle includes 6 total buckets. Each metal pail measures 6 in. x 7 in. and has a capacity of 2800 mL. The chalkboard label makes it easy to personalize your buckets with custom doodles, messages, or quotes. Further customize your buckets with chalk, paints, stencils and embellishments. These buckets are a fun way to add rustic and cozy home décor to your rooms.

Decorative & Functional

The Project Craft Galvanized Metal Bucket is both decorative and functional, making it suitable for your DIY projects. The sturdy metal bucket is built with durability and strength in mind. Its design resembles vintage metal water bucket pails from long ago. The strong look and feel is perfect for decorative center pieces or stylish portable toolboxes.

Chalkboard Panel

Use the chalkboard label to create labels for organization or write fun messages. Customize your metal bucket even further with acrylic paints, metal paints, ribbons, and any other embellishment you can think of! Make your home décor unique to you and show off your creative side.

Project Ideas

Galvanized metal buckets allow you to quickly take a space from bland to beautiful. The blank surface allows you to create custom artwork or add personalized quotes and messages. You can turn these pails into rustic decor and table centerpieces with paints, stencils, embellishments, or floral arrangements.

Adapt some of your buckets for your plants by using one as a gardening tool kit, a bucket for harvesting your fruits and vegetables, or as a mobile home for your plants. Try using these buckets to create a container for candy, pencils, pens, paint brushes, and more!

Bulk Pack for Tons of Creativity

This pack of ArtSkills Project Craft Galvanized Metal Buckets contains 6 total buckets. Use as home décor or create small gift baskets for loved ones. Craft solo or create together with friends and family!

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