Watercolor Flowers


Watercolor Flowers

 Step 1:

The key to a beautiful watercolor painting is layering. Start by putting down your lightest base colors. Use Yellow, Rose, Violet, and Light Green paints for the main areas of color.


Step 2:

Put a darker value on a lighter one, and then use water to blend them together. For example, begin to add Red to the edges and center of the right flower. Keep your painting wet, so the colors can blend more easily.

Step 3:

Add two coats of Rose into the left flower, and Yellow Orange into the right flower. A flower with two colors in it will look more dimensional than a flower consisting of just one color. Continue to darken your shadows with more paint as well.

Step 4:

Add lighter, watered-down colors over the areas where your darks blend into your lights. This will naturally blend all of your shades together. It will also make your mid-tones more vibrant.

Step 5:

Add the darkest details and shades to your painting as it dries. A drier surface is less absorbent, and as a result, the newly applied colors will stay darker. You can add water to areas that need more blending. Use a clean, wet brush to remove paint and create subtle highlights on the edges of leaves and petals. Additionally, paint in a subtle blue background to help your flowers stand out. Use very watered-down paint for this effect.