Upside Down Drip Paint Pot



What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!

Step 1: 

A) Getting paints ready; other colors include purple, pink, yellow, and orange. Fill paint palette wells a little more than halfway, leaving enough room for water. 

B) Add ½ tsp. of water to each color well. Mix the color/water mixture thoroughly. 

Step 2: 

A) Liberally load paint onto a cotton swab with desired paint color. 

B) Apply a dab of the paint on the edge of the bottom of the upside-down pot. 

Step 3: 

A) Apply enough paint to the pot so there is a bead of paint sitting on the edge. This bead will start rolling down the side. Tip: Paint trails will get longer over time as gravity does the work. 

B) Apply first layer of paint drips around the bottom rim of the pot. Keep drips close together but do not overlap them. Let dry. 

Step 4: 

Once pot is completely dry, apply another round of paint. Let dry. Tip: Use the paint to fill in gaps or to place on top of other colors. Spray with a sealer for long term outdoor use.