Tea Light Snowmen | Holiday Craft Idea 




  • ArtSkills Black Glitter Tape
  • ArtSkills Red Detail Ribbon
  • ArtSkills Tacky Glue
  • ArtSkills Black Puffy Paint
  • ArtSkills Detail Ribbon - Silver
  • ArtSkills Craft Scissors
  • 4 Tealights
  • Pom Poms
  • Pipe Cleaners

Step 1. 

Use puffy paint to create the faces on top of the tealights

Step 2. 

Make hat out of glitter tape. Leave release paper on the tape for this project. Cut a rectangle for the hat and a small strip for the brim. Attach the pieces and add a strip a detail ribbon.

Step 3. 

Use Tacky glue to attach the top hat. Or attach pom poms, pipe cleaners and a ribbon to make cute earmuffs. 

Step 4.

Make a loop out of ribbon and attach to the back of the tea light with glue so you can hang your charming creations