Kitchen Canisters



What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!

Step 1:

A) Empty contents of can. Wipe clean.

B) Remove label. 

Step 2:

A) Hot glue the end of the macrame cord to the bottom edge of the can.

B) Add a one inch bead of tacky glue up the side before you begin to wrap the macrame around the can. This will secure the rows of macrame and keep them from sliding.

C) Wrap the macrame cord around the can. Tip: Wrap two rows at a time and make sure you push the rows together so the cord covers the can.

D) Continue wrapping until the whole can is covered. Note: Don't forget to add tacky glue every one inch while you wrap. 

Step 3:

When the can is covered, cut the macrame cord. Secure the end with a dot of hot glue. 

Step 4.

A) Cut nine pieces of jute at 18 inches each.

B) Lay jute strands in front of you on a flat surface and tape across the top of the strands to secure. Tip: Make sure the length of your tape is longer than the width of your jute.

C) Separate the strands into groups of three.

Step 5:

A) Take the right 3 strands and fold over middle 3 strands. These will now be the middle strands.

B) Take the 3 left strands and fold over middle strands. These will now be the middle stands.

C) Repeat (A) and (B) until the jute is braided.

Step 6:

A) Secure the bottom end of the braid with tape by wrapping it around the back.

B) Remove the tape and top of the braid from the surface . Wrap the tape around the back.

C) Hot glue both ends front and back to secure the braid. Let cool.

D) Remove tape. 

Step 7:

A) Wrap the braid around two fingers, twice.

B) Take the loops off your fingers while pinching it with your thumb and finger. Pull one end through the bottom of the loop you just created.

C) Pull the ends to secure and create a knot. 

Step 8:

A) Use a project knife and cut a 3/4 inch X into the center of the lid.

B) Push the knot through the X.

C) Trim the ends to fit under the lid.

D) Secure the ends with hot glue. 

Step 9:

A) Wrap 2 ½ inch wide burlap ribbon around the can to fit for size, leaving about a half an inch overlap. Cut. Secure with hot glue. 

 B) Slip a metal clip over the top edge of the burlap ribbon. Pinch a chalkboard label in the metal clip.