Grad Centerpiece


What You'll Need:


Let's Do This!

STEP 1: 

A) Paint four wood blocks with the black chalkboard paint. Let dry. 

B) Paint wood letters with the black chalkboard paint. Let dry.  


STEP 2: 

A) Lay out the letters to spell GRAD. Run a strip of painter's tape across the letters so the bottom edge of the tape leaves about 2/3 of the letter exposed. 

B) Cut the letters apart

STEP 3: 

A) Coat the bottom of a letter with deco podge. 

B) Sprinkle silver glitter on the wet deco podge. 

C) Shake off the loose glitter. Remove the tape. 

D) Repeat Steps 3A through 3C to decorate the other letters.  


STEP 4: 

Hot glue the letters to the wood blocks so that they stand.