Fringe Duct Tape Wall Banner


12" by 18" Sketch Paper (2 sheets)
ArtSkills Large Roll Gold Glitter Designer Duct Tape (1 roll)
ArtSkills Large Roll Solid Black Designer Duct Tape (1 roll)
ArtSkills Mini Glitter Duct Tape Duos Gold and Silver (1 pack)
ArtSkills Mini Glitter Duct Tape Duos Purple and Turquoise (1 pack)
Artskills Mini Foil Duct Tape Duos Blue and Magenta (1 pack)
ArtSkills Mini Foil Duct Tape Duos Turquoise and Green (1 pack)
18" wood dowel
craft knife
40" gold ribbon
Black paint
paint brush
*Specified sizes, colors, and quantity may change based on your preference*


Step 1.
To start create your paper sheet base. Take one of your 12" by 18" pieces of paper and cut to be 12" wide by 6" high. Tape this piece to the bottom of your other full sheet on the 12" side. After taping your pieces together your base should now be 12" wide by 24" high. Secure the top of your sheet base to a working surface with a long piece of tape. 

Step 2.
Run your first strip of large black Duct Tape or the color you have chosen for your base color in this
design. Leave a top overhang of about 2.5" to 3" extending beyond the sheet of paper as your run your strip (this excess will be used to fully wrap around your dowel). 

Step 3.
Repeat step 2 running each of your strips side by side to fully cover your sheet of paper.

Step 4.
When your front is fully covered in your base color Duct Tape flip the sheet over and do the same thing to the back of your paper except this time start your strip at the top edge of your paper leaving the excess Tape from the front side exposed.

 Step 5.
Now that your back is covered remain on this side. Take your dowel and center it along your sheet. Once centered roll your excess tape around the dowel attaching it to your sheet.


 Step 6.
Flip over so that the front is facing up. Now it's time to apply your design! A chevron pattern is used for this project. The colors turquoise, gold, and magenta minis and wide tapes are used here. You can use other color tapes and vary your positioning based on your preference. Make sure when running your strip from the edge of the sheet to the center that you measure your distance from the tape above so that it is evenly spaced.


 Step 7.
To create a dynamic bottom edge to your design measure some distance after your last chevron measure and cut the bottom edge following the shape of your design.

 Step 8.
Take your ruler and starting from the top position it 1/4" from your edge (you can make your fringe wider if you would like) and using a sharp blade cut your strip. Repeat this until your entire sheet is cut into many strips.

Step 9.
To finish your piece paint your exposed sections of dowel black or the same color as your background. When the paint is dry, tie the ends of your ribbon to the dowel and hang!