Duct Tape Mason Jars

ArtSkills Colorful Mason Jars with Tape Trendz Duct Tape.


Make your own Duct Tape Mason Jars for the perfect decoration for your all of your celebrations this summer!

Whether it is for Graduation, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or any other celebration, decorate your mason jars to match your theme using ArtSkills Tape Trendz (TM) duct tape and accessories!


Americana Themed Mason Jar

What You'll Need:


  1. Start with the Red Star Tape, and cut two pieces to 11 inches in length.
  2. Wrap tape around the center of the Mason Jar to create your base layer.
  3. Cut one piece of Blue Mini tape to 11 inches. Take your ruler and poster knife and cut down the center of the tape lengthwise. Apply as a top and bottom border to the Red Star duct tape.
  4. Take your Gold Mini Tape and wrap one strip around the lid. Screw the lid on the jar.
  5. To make your small banner,
    1. Cut the Silver Glitter Duct Tape and Blue Duct Tape to 9’’ long.
    2. Fold both pieces over lengthwise, leaving ¼’’ of adhesive exposed.
    3. With scissors, cut out 7 triangles. Keeping only the triangles with a long strip of stickiness at the top. Cut a total of 14 pieces.
    4.  Apply to mason jar in a banner like fashion, alternating from blue to silver.
  6. To add a final piece of Rustic flare, cut a long piece of hemp twine and tie it into a bow around the top.
  7. Add any other fun touches such as glitter glue, a straw, or adhesive gems and your are finished!