Duct Tape King's Crown

ArtSkills King's Crown with Tape Trendz Duct Tape.


  • 1 Roll of Tape Trendz TM Solid Duct Tape

  • 1 Roll of Tape Trendz TM Pattern Duct Tape

  • 1 Roll of Tape Trendz TM Glitter Duct Tape

  • Tape Trendz TM Decorative Gems

  • Crown, Circle and Round Corners Template (click below to download)

  • ArtSkills Permanent Marker

  • Fabric Measuring Tape

  • Non Stick Scissors

  • ArtSkills Poster Knife

  • Ruler

  • Cutting Mat

Download this Template



  1. Begin by measuring the circumference of your head using a fabric measuring tape. This measurement will determine the size of the crown.
  2. Using the above measurement cut three strips of glitter duct tape at this length. 
  3. Repeat this step using the pattern duct tape. You should now have 6 strips of duct tape, 3 patterned and 3 glittered.
  4. Lay the 3 strips of pattern duct tape sticky side up. Adhere the glitter tape strips to the sticky side of the pattern tape. Trim away any excess duct tape.
  5. Place the joined duct tape pattern side up and place the crown template on top. You can use small pieces of duct tape to hold the template in place.
  6. Using a permanent marker, trace the crown onto the duct tape sheet. Cut the crown from the duct tape sheet.
  7. Wrap the crown around your head and mark where the crown meets to be adhered together with the permanent marker. Do not adhere the crown just yet.
  8. Cut four 7” long strips of patterned duct tape and fold them in half. You will end up with four 3 ½ “ strips with no sticky sides exposed.
  9. Using the rounded edge template, trace the shape onto the four 3 ½" strips.
  10. Adhere these 4 rounded shapes on the patterned side of the crown with small pieces of duct tape.
  11. Lay out an 8” strip of solid duct tape. Using the circle template, trace 5 circles onto your strip.
  12. Place the solid circles below each peak in the crown. These circles will be a background accent for your decorative gems.
  13. Place the large gems on top of the black circles. Adhere small gems onto the glittered points of the crown.
  14. Place a small piece of duct tape on the pattern side of the crown where the mark was previously made. Adhere the crown together and wear it!