DIY Bunny Ears Napkin Ring



What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!

STEP 1: 

A)Cut a 1 ¼" section from the paper roll to create a napkin ring.

STEP 2: 

A)Cut four 4" pieces and one 6 ½" piece of burlap ribbon. 

B)Completely cover the 6 ½" piece of ribbon with deco podge. Note: Do not let the deco podge dry yet. 

C)Wrap the wet 6 ½" piece of ribbon around the cut section of paper roll. 

D)Tuck the edges of the ribbon inside the paper roll. Let dry.


STEP 3: 

A)Apply deco podge to two of the 4" burlap ribbon pieces. 

B)Immediately place the remaining two 4" pieces of ribbon on top of the two wet burlap pieces from Step 3A. Let dry.


A) Cut ear shapes from the two combined burlap pieces.

STEP 5: 

A)Cut two 3/4" slits in the center of the burlap napkin ring. Leave about 1/4" between the slits. 

B)Pinch the bottom of each bunny ear. 

C)Slide the pinched ends of the bunny ears into the slits on the burlap napkin ring. 

D)Hot glue the pinched sections to the inside of the burlap napkin ring to secure in place. Tip: You can form and shape the bunny ears to add character to each napkin ring.