Décor Bead Garland


What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!

Step 1: 

A) Divide the rectangle of clay into 8 equal parts. Do this for 2 packs of clay.

B) Roll these segments into identical balls, making them approximately 1.5"x1.5" in diameter.

Step 2: 

A) Pierce the center of the balls with the handle of a medium sized paint brush, the width of the paint brush is approximately ¼". Wiggle the brush handle back and forth as pressure is applied, this will ease the brush to the other side of the ball without distorting the shape of the clay. Make sure the hole is large enough to fit the jute through. 

B) Gently remove the brush from the clay ball.

C) Flip the clay ball over and slide the brush back through the side it previously pierced through. This will push the clay back into place and give the ball even holes on both ends. 

Step 3: 

A) With the brush still inside the clay ball, lightly roll the ball on a clean smooth surface. This will even out the sides of ball and give it a bead shape. 

B) Remove brush once finished. 

C) Make adjustments to the clay ball with your hands if needed. 

Step 4: 

Bake clay balls at 250° F for 10-15 minutes, checking clay periodically to avoid cracking. Let cool to room temperature. 

Step 5: 

Add a little water to some dark brown acrylic paint and apply this in rings around the clay balls. Leave a small white gap between each new dark brown ring. Let dry. Tip: Don't worry about the application of the brown paint being consistent in color, having some bands darker than others makes it look more like wood! 

Step 6: 

A) Apply white acrylic paint to the clay balls with a dry brush. Cover the entire surface of the clay ball. Let dry. 

B) Apply a second coat of white paint the same way as the first. Let dry. 

Step 7: 

A) Cut the end of the jute on an angle, this will help slide the jute through the clay beads.

B) String the 16 beads onto the jute. Make a loop at the end of the string and double knot it. 

C) Cut the string on the other end of the garland, leaving approximately 5" of jute to make another loop at that end. 

D) Double knot the loop, making sure the beads are snug on the jute string.