Christmas Ball Topiary



What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!

Step 1:

A)Remove the box lid and turn it upside down. Find the center of the lid and make a small "X" slit with the project knife.

B)Place a foam ball in the box.

C)Fill the rest of the box with dried beans to stabilize the ball and add weight to the base.

D)Place the lid on the box. Use a tape runner to adhere a ½" ribbon around the entire edge of the lid.   

Step 2:

A)Insert a 3/8" dowel halfway into a foam ball and then pull it back out. Note: This will hold the spot where the dowel will be reinserted after the topiary is closer to completion.

B)Paint the wood dowel white. Let dry.  

Step 3:

A)Remove the hangers from about 36 ornaments.

B)Put a bit of hot glue around the top of an ornament, where the hanger was removed, and then push the top of the ornament into the foam ball. Note:Make sure you leave the hole for the wood dowel uncovered when placing the ornaments.

C)Begin covering the foam ball with ornaments. Keep the ornaments close together as you attach them to the foam ball.

D)Cover the entire foam ball with ornaments.  

Step 4:

A)Cut 3" pieces of garland and tuck one piece into each gap between the ornaments.

B) Fold the garland pieces in half and push them into the foam ball using the tip of a pair of scissors.  

 Step 5:

A)Insert the wood dowel back into the foam ball using the hole from Step 2A.

B)Insert the wood dowel through the slit in the box lid and push it down into the foam ball inside the box.

C)Tie a bow around the top of the wood dowel, just under the ball.