Catch All Tray



What You'll Need:

Let's Do This! 

Step 1:

A) Remove the glass and backing from the frame. 

B) Adhere pearl gems to the outer and inner corners of the frame. 

C) Adhere large gem strips to the outer edge of the frame. 

D) Adhere small gem strips to the inner edge of the frame.  

Step 2:

A) Spray paint the frame white. Let dry. 

B) Dry brush black paint over the frame. Let dry. Note: To use the dry brush technique, load black paint onto a brush, then dab most of it off on a paper towel. 

C) Cut two 5 ½" pieces from a belt. 

D) Hot glue the belt pieces on the short sides of the frame to create handles. We started our handles about 1 ½" in from the edge.  


Step 3:

Take the bead garland apart. Hot glue four beads on the bottom of the tray as feet.


Step 4:

A) Place 10 craft sticks side by side on a flat surface. Run masking tape across the craft sticks in the opposite direction. 

B) Lay the frame backing from Step 1A on top of the craft sticks and trace down the sides. 

C) Cut off the ends of the craft sticks following the traced lines. Tip: Use sandpaper to smooth out the edges, if desired. 

D) Flip the craft sticks over so the masking tape is on the back. Using black paint, stencil a design onto the front of the craft sticks, centering it in the middle. When dry, add a stenciled design on each side of the center one, allowing time to dry between each.  


Step 5:

A) Put the glass into the frame. 

B) Put the craft sticks into the frame. 

C) Remove the easel from the backing. D) Put the backing into the frame and secure with the original holders.  


Ta Da!