Cardboard Ornaments



 What You'll Need:

Ornament Shape Template

Let's Do This!

Step 1:

A) Print Template

B) Apply circles of tape to the back of the template and adhere it to your cardboard.

C) Cut shapes out using a project knife and ruler. Tip: You will cut through the paper and cardboard at the same time.

D) Punch a hole in the top of the ornament by piercing the project knife into the cardboard and twisting. 

Step 2:

A) Mix ¼ cup of FOAM shaving cream and ¼ cup white glue together to make the puffy paint.

B) Spoon the mixture into one of the corners of a plastic bag.

C) Cut a small piece of the corner off the plastic bag

 D) Squeeze puffy paint mixture into squeeze bottle. 

Step 3:

A) Use a pencil and rub the back of the template design. Flip it over and position the template on top of the coordinated cardboard cut out and trace over the template design with a pen. This will transfer the design onto the cardboard. 

B) Using the chalkboard marker, trace over the pencil design on the cardboard ornament.

C) Squeeze puffy paint over the design.

D) Shake glitter over the white puffy paint while it is still wet. Shake off excess glitter. Let dry.

Step 4:

A) Cut approximately 18" of embroidery floss. Thread the floss through the hole.

B) Tie a bow in the floss by the hole in the ornament

C) Thread 2 pearl beads onto the floss allowing them to fall right above the bow.

D) Tie a knot to secure the pearl beads. Repeat for more beads, if desired.