Burlap Garland | Holiday Craft Idea



What You'll Need:

  • ArtSkills Poster Lights
  • ArtSkills Burlap Ribbon- Plain - 3 Rolls
  • ArtSkills Burlap Ribbon-Black Design – 1 Roll
  • ArtSkills Silver Detail Ribbon
  • ArtSkills Silver Glitter
  • ArtSkills Gold Glitter
  • ArtSkills Hot Glue Gun
  • ArtSkills Scissors
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Pine cones
  • Toothpick
  • Tape
  • Plastic Cup

Let's Do This!

Step 1. 

Create a sewing needle by taping the start of the silver ribbon to a toothpick. Begin weaving the toothpick through the plain burlap ribbon. Instead of a straight line, weave in a zig-zag pattern and space the stitches about two inches apart. Continue through all three rolls of burlap ribbon.

Step 2. 

On the black design burlap ribbon, take the middle stitch strand and begin to pull. This will cinch the burlap and create a ruffle pattern across the entire roll.

Step 3. 

Wrap the ruffled burlap around the plain burlap garland. Fasten them to one another with hot glue or silver ribbon on either end of the garland.  

Step 4. 

Attach poster lights across the garland by carefully hot gluing the light into place.

Step 5. 

Mix equal parts gold glitter and silver glitter in the plastic cup. Spray adhesive onto the pine cones then cover in the glitter mix. Let dry. 

Step 6.

Glue pine cones into the garland.